Ark Funding Reaches Milestone; Incredible Matching Gift Announced

by Ark Encounter on December 14, 2012

We are pleased to make two major announcements regarding the Ark Encounter funding.

First, for the $24.5 million that Answer is Genesis is raising towards the Ark Encounter project, we are thrilled to announce that the Ark funding “thermometer” recently passed the $10 million mark! The Ark funding “thermometer” reflects Ark donations and boarding pass purchases that have been made to date towards the construction of a full-size Ark. Both donations and boarding pass purchases have been increasing over the past several months as more people catch the vision for the evangelistic Ark Encounter.

Second, a few supporters of AiG have been moved by the Lord to bless the Ark project with $1.25 million in matching gift contributions and commitments before the end of the year!

That means that every donation for the Ark Encounter project we receive before the end of the year will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $1.25 million! Praise God!

Would you prayerfully consider a special donation for the Ark Encounter by the end of the year? Your tax-deductible donation will effectively be “doubled” by these matching gifts. They will also help us get critical permits and design plans completed!

Your gift today will be a tremendous blessing in making a major step forward in the preparations to build the full-scale Ark. The Ark Encounter will reach millions of people in our nation, and the world, with the truth of God’s Word—and the gospel message most of all!

General donations for the Ark Encounter as well as sponsorship donations for a peg, plank, or beam are included in the matching gift program, but charter lifetime boarding pass purchases are not.