Ark Planning

by Ark Encounter on May 23, 2014

A previous blog post mentioned the incredible amount of work that the architects have done in preparing to build the Ark Encounter. But we don’t want to simply build an empty Ark; we desire to teach the truth of Scripture through this amazing structure. So how do you prepare to fill well over 100,000 square feet of exhibit space with content, props, supplies, and other teaching elements? The short answer: lots of planning.

While there has been plenty of behind-the-scenes work going on so far, the design team for the Ark project is spending most of this week in planning meetings. The primary goal of these meetings is to plot out when each of the Ark’s exhibits will be designed.

Here’s a look at some of our design team members planning the schedule for Ark exhibits.

Ark Planning Meeting

Please pray for our team as we prepare to build this exciting project designed to uphold biblical authority and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.