Pre-Flood Planning

by Ark Encounter on September 19, 2014

For two members of the team working on the Ark Encounter, this week was dominated by meetings to design one of the larger exhibits on the Ark we are building. More than three bays will be used to depict the world in which Noah lived for the first 600 years of his life.

One of the difficulties involved in designing this space is that we truly cannot know what the pre-Flood cultures looked like since that world perished (2 Peter 3:6). How did the people dress? What did their cities look like? What sorts of technologies might they have had? And how should we portray farming, travel, trade, religion, festivals, and every other aspect of that wicked world when the Bible provides just a few details?

Even after all of these details are decided, our designers still need to figure out how to display them in a way that fits with the overall theme and message. They also need to work within the budget for the exhibit and determine how to make the most of the space allotted for it.

Further complicating matters is the necessity of making sure a large number of people can move through the space every hour without creating bottlenecks. At the same time, our team must include enough content to explain all of the pertinent details.

Pre-Flood Planning

Lead production designer Jon Taylor (left) and content manager Tim Chaffey (right) develop the plans for the Pre-Flood World exhibit.

We are excited about the plans for this exhibit as well as the rest of the Ark Encounter project. Please continue to pray for everyone involved in building the Ark. If you are interested in contributing financially to this evangelistic endeavor, please visit our donations page.