Loading Animal Cages on the Ark

by Ark Encounter on November 18, 2015

With hundreds of cages being constructed at the Ark’s design studio, there was a special set that needed to be delivered last week to move the project along. It’s exciting to see how much progress has already been made on the Ark. Instead of taking the cages apart, it was easier to load them on flatbed trucks and take them down to the site. Then we could use a crane to lift them to the proper floor while the ends of the ship are still open. Not only did the crane move the cages, it lifted the “cage-movers” designed by our production shop specialist, David Dorman.

We will be taking other exhibit items down as more of the Ark’s interior is weather-proofed. This would be a good year for Northern Kentucky to experience a mild winter. Please add that to your prayer list. So far, the summer and fall weather have been a blessing many of you have prayed for.