Preview the Ark Exhibits

by Ark Encounter on December 28, 2015

What was humanity like before the Flood of Noah’s day? When did the Ice Age occur? How could ancient people have built something as complex as the Ark? Did the confusion of languages at Babel really occur?

Lord willing, guests to the Ark Encounter won’t leave without the answers.

The Ark Encounter is a Christian evangelistic outreach tool intended to equip visitors to see for themselves that the account of Noah’s Ark and the Flood in Genesis is a true, historical event. There will be scores of exhibit bays throughout the inside of the Ark where guests will learn about many different topics surrounding the event including Flood geology, the Ice Age, Babel, animal kinds, and more. Take a sneak peak of some of the exhibits below.

But don’t wait to find out the answers to some of your questions. Explore to learn more about Noah, the Ark, and the animals on board. And remember, there are only a few more days left to ensure you’re one of the first on board.