What’s New at the Ark Encounter?

by Ark Encounter on November 29, 2016

Since the Ark Encounter opened on July 7, several new elements have been added to our life-size Noah’s Ark. We are constantly updating the Ark exhibits to make your experience even more memorable. Here are seven additions that have been added to the Ark Encounter since opening day.

Half Ark Model

Shortly after opening day at the Ark Encounter, we added the half ark model to the bow end of the first deck. This represents the way we believe Noah’s Ark would have been set up to make plenty of room for all the animals on board. As you look at this representation, you will be amazed by the details and how everything could have fit.

Half-Ark Model

Be on the lookout for new signs that will be installed to explain the scale size, how it was made, what is inside the half-ark model, and much more.

What’s That?

Since our guests come across several now-extinct animals on the Ark, our design team created identification signs for each pair of animals to help answer questions. These signs list the name of the pairs along with interesting information about that kind.

Animal Name Signs

Initially, these signs were not included because we wanted this part of the Ark to feel more like the original Ark, and Noah probably did not have signs on his cages. But we quickly realized that our guests wanted to learn more about the animals that were included.

Animal Interactions

As you get to the top of the ramp leading to the second deck, you will notice another new addition to the Ark. We have added an area where you can interact with some of our animals from the Ararat Ridge Zoo. Our zookeepers bring our animals onto the Ark for a limited time each day, usually midday, to interact with our guests.

Ark Animal Interactions

Added Touches

New elements were added to several exhibits to help bring the experience to life for our guests. For example, as you walk by the blacksmith exhibit, a visual effect simulating fire from the new kiln. Shem’s wife, an oven, and curtains have also been added to the living quarters.

Blacksmith Fire

Signs have been added to explain various elements including the door. This sign details the significance behind why Noah’s Ark only had one door and explains that just as Noah and his family needed to go through one door to be saved from the Flood we must go through one door (Jesus Christ) to be saved.

Ark Door Sign

Watch This

You now have the opportunity to relax and watch a pair of videos as you tour the Ark. On the second deck, take a break from your tour to view The Noah Interview. This is a look at the scoffing and questions Noah may have faced as a “local news team” interviews him.

Noah Interview

Then, watch how the Ark Encounter project came together from the first brainstorming plan in 2004 to the grand opening in July as you enjoy The Building of the Ark Encounter on the third deck.

Feeding Animals

As you walk through the large animal cages on the second deck, be sure to look up at the catwalks. You will find Shem and his wife taking food to the animals, depicting how Noah and his family may have been able to feed each pair. You might also notice each animal cage has food now.

Shem’s Wife

Animal Kinds

The new Animal Kinds exhibit shows how our design team made the animals look lifelike. There are now four new animal representatives and one kids interactive activity that have been installed in this exhibit.

Animal Kinds Exhibit

In this exhibit, rather than showing modern animals, we’re explaining how modern animals came from these creatures and how they come from a common ancestor according to their kinds. To see how our design team decided on which animals to include at the Ark Encounter, read “Does the Bible Really Say . . . ?

If you’d like to learn more about these new additions or what is planned for the future, watch our social media team’s interview with Answers in Genesis’ attraction division content manager Tim Chaffey below.

To see these new additions for yourself, start planning your trip to the Ark Encounter today. Share pictures of your favorite exhibits with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using #arkencounter when you post, and be sure to follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on the latest additions.