Behind the Scenes of the Ark Encounter’s Exhibits

by Ark Encounter on July 9, 2020

Have you ever wondered how our amazing team of artists designed the Ark Encounter’s exhibits? Or what about how Noah and his family could have cared for all the animals on the ark?

While the Ark Encounter was shut down during the coronavirus situation, our CEO Ken Ham went behind the scenes of many of our exhibits to give you an inside look! Learn more about our dioramas, half-ark model, and more in the videos below.

Dioramas’ Secrets

In these two videos, Ken and lead production designer Travis share some of the secrets behind each of the dioramas in our exhibits.

Half-Ark Model

See the incredible cut-away ark model at the Ark Encounter with fascinating behind-the-scenes details in the video below.

Ark Encounter’s “Noah Language”

Learn how to decipher the Ark’s “Noah language” before your next trip to the Ark Encounter.

Animal Encounters of a Different Kind

One of our zookeepers, Karina, explains fascinating details behind the animal kinds in the Ark Encounter exhibits and how Noah and his family could have cared for all the animals in the ark in these two videos below.

Doors of the Bible

Find out more about doors of the Bible, evangelism, and . . . coffee beans in this video. Do you know all of the doors of the Bible?

Inside the Answers Center

In this video, get an inside look at the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter, and explore areas where the public can’t go!

Be sure to check out all of these different areas during your visit to the Ark Encounter. Start planning your trip today, and be sure to consider purchasing a lifetime boarding pass so you can visit anytime you’d like!