An “Accidental” Artist

by Ark Encounter on December 2, 2015

Actually, there are no accidents with God. But to hear Jon Taylor tell how he ended up as an artist after starting in the workforce as an iron worker is amazing. After a life-changing event, he went to art school at age 25 and has been a blessing to Bible-believing Christians ever since.

Jon came to work for Answers in Genesis in 2003, and became the art director for the Creation Museum, which opened in 2007. Now he is overseeing the design of the teaching exhibits that will be displayed in the Ark.

For a person who realized he wanted to illustrate the Bible, what better place to be working for Answers in Genesis on the Ark Encounter project, where millions will come to see your God-given talent on display. Pray for Jon and other members of the team as they work to get everything ready by our opening date of July 7, 2016.