God Brought the People

by Ark Encounter on January 21, 2016

The excitement for the Ark Encounter continues to build. We’re just a few months away from the grand opening on July 7, 2016, and our design team is busy sculpting the animal kinds and various props that will be featured in the Ark.

If you were to talk to Patrick Marsh, the vice president of attractions design, he would tell you that just as God brought the animals to Noah, so God has brought the many talented people on Patrick’s team to Answers in Genesis. Even hearing how God prepared Patrick for his time here at the Ark Encounter is amazing. From designing Jaws and King Kong for Universal Studios in Florida to designing the Creation Museum, Patrick has been a real inspiration to other artists and designers along the way.

He’s brought several people on board who have been extremely instrumental in accomplishing the task before us now—the completion of the Ark. One such early hire was Doug Henderson, who has proven himself an inspirational leader and a talented designer. You can learn more about his journey to Answers in Genesis and his work on the Ark Encounter—as well as get a sneak peek at some of the animals the design team is working on—in this behind-the-scenes video: