Is There Evidence of the Flood?

by Ark Encounter on April 12, 2018

Today, the world is covered with billions of fossils in rock layers laid down by water—even on top of mountains. There are also hundreds of flood legends from around the globe that are remarkably similar to the Bible’s account. Find out what these clues reveal about Noah’s Flood at Ark Encounter!

In the videos below, join Ken Ham, our president and CEO, and Bodie Hodge, speaker and writer for Answers in Genesis, as they visit three exhibits inside our life-size Noah’s Ark and discuss some of the questions related to the Flood and Noah’s Ark.

Animal Kinds

How many animals did Noah need to take with him on the Ark?

Flood Legends

Did you know there are hundreds of stories and legends about a worldwide flood?

Ice Age

Do creationists believe in an Ice Age?

More Ark Questions?

Looking for more information on this topic? Get answers to all your questions about the Ark, the Flood, the animals, and more in A Flood of Evidence. This book by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge contains answers to 40 Flood-related questions and is the perfect “starter” book for those interested in learning more or for believers wanting to share the truth with nonbelievers.

Don’t forget to purchase a copy of A Flood of Evidence in the gift shop during your trip to the Ark Encounter! Or you can order your copy of A Flood of Evidence from the online store of our parent ministry, Answers in Genesis, today and be prepared for your next visit!