Mark Your Calendar for Our Creation College Expo

by Ark Encounter on September 3, 2020

If you’re the parent of an upper middle school or high school student, mark these dates on your calendar—November 5–7, 2020. Those three days, we’re hosting our annual Creation College Expo at the Ark Encounter! Learn more about this unique opportunity below.

Meet One-on-One with Representatives

The Creation College Expo gives you and your students the opportunity to visit one-on-one with representatives from Christian institutions across the country and to learn more about their programs and offerings. Each school represented at the College Expo takes a bold stand on biblical authority, including a belief in biblical creation and a young earth.

Creation College Expo

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from our world-class apologetics speakers inside the Answers Center, including our founder and CEO Ken Ham, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Bodie Hodge, and Dr. Jennifer Rivera.

Ken Ham Speaking at the Creation College Expo

Research More

As an added resource to aid your search, start with the Answers in Genesis Creation Colleges page, where you’ll find a collection of Christian colleges and seminaries that take a stand on Genesis. These schools have had their leaders sign our Statement of Faith and therefore take a stand on six literal days, a young earth, and a global flood. These are schools that teach a biblical worldview and stand on biblical authority.

Creation College Expo

Free Expo with Additional Perks

While the College Expo is free, we do request that students register to help us prepare for their arrival. All registered students will receive complimentary tickets to the Ark Encounter, and parents or chaperones accompanying their student will get a 20% Ark admission discount. Students and their families will also receive 20% off admission to our sister attraction, the Creation Museum.

Creation College Expo

Register today at so you don’t miss this opportunity. We have new health policies in place for this year’s expo to ensure every guest has a safe visit.

*Please note: All photos are from last year’s Creation College Expo at the Ark Encounter.